One man’s trash can also be his treasure.

I had an old gaming PC sitting in the basement. I’ve been thinking about rebuilding it and doing a little upgrade.

It’s an 10 year old gaming PC. Back then it was way more powerful than any gaming console out. I continuesly played countless hours on this machine.

After many years of playing it soon wasn’t powerful enough to play newer games. Instead of upgrading it I went and bought an Xbox One. No lie I played the hell out of pubg on the Xbox One but nothing else. I stopped gaming because there isn’t much on the Xbox One to play that I enjoy (Civilization).

So I put in my boys room so he can play it which he does alot. At least someone is putting it to use. So now I need me a gaming system. No I’m not going to buy a s PS4 or any other console. I’m going to rebuild my PC.

I dig out my old PC and its looks so ancient. Big heavy case with a plastic side thats cracked. Outdated graphic card, and processor that can’t play new games.

So I jump on Amazon and start buying parts I need. I get me a new graphic card, processor, fans, and a smaller mid size case. Trying to stay away from having a big case like I did before.

As soon as the parts were delivered I took apart the old PC and kept the parts I can still use. Then I transferred it to the new case. Wired everything back together and cleaned it up by hiding as much of the wires as possible.

Tested everything and it runs perfect. I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. I got a new updated and powerful gaming machine and I did it all on my own. What once was dead is now more alive than ever.

My gaming machine
The Lil Blue Light Special.

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