Using the keylock

aka Americana

The keylock is a submission that white belts should know within your first few months of jiu jitsu. One of the easiest to learn and execute.

Keylock from mount posistion.

It is a shoulder lock that can be performed from side mount or mount. It is a great move that I use alot when given the dominant posistions and want to end the match quick.

It’s a painful move if used on you and especially if your pinned flat on the ground. If your defending with only one arm against two with the guy on top you are most likely going to lose that battle and usually it’ll be by a keylock or armbar.

The person on the bottom will fight hard to not give you the lock and if not careful you can end up on the bottom from an upa. So attempting this move you must have full control of the person on bottom and have a good balance established during the attempt.

I also use the move as a bait for my armbar attempts. So its either I get the keylock and if not then I go for the armbar. Its a basic move but an effective move.

“The law is to train , train, train – until the lamb becomes a lion .”

Miyao brothers

Down below are a few videos of my son drilling the keylock.

Keylock from mount drills
Keylock from mount drills

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    1. Yes did you see the one with the girl using jiu jitsu against an attacker with a knife. Jiu Jitsu is a great self defense for anyone to learn at any age. I suggest it to everyone out there, it might save your life one day.

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