National New Jersey Day

“The Garden State”

Fyi: I started writing this yesterday but end up having to work ot today and got to busy to finish. This is my ruff draft and did not fix, proof or even finish the article so bare with me and sorry I couldn’t finish in time.

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in America that ranks 11th as the most populated state, with 9 million residents. It is home to more than Maine, Montana, Delaware, North and South Dakota population combined in only 8,722 square miles.

Many famous people are from New Jersey,  Shaquille O’Neal, Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, David Cooperfield, James Gandolfini and many more. Other New York football teams play in the NJ MetLife Stadium, (i.e. NY Giants.) It will also be the home of a Nickelodeon Theme Park that’s opening soon.

I moved to New Jersey from the west coast for nine years, then moved back again to the west coast, and a short time after I keep coming back. At first, I wasn’t to thrilled about living in New Jersey, but living here for awhile you learn alot about the state and it’s history. I now call this place home.

I live not to far from New York City, probably 30 miles or so. I actually can see the skyscrapers from my town. It’s an amazing view, I enjoy seeing on my way home. It holds the most shopping malls in a 25 SQ. mile radius. It has the most restaurants in the world.

New Jersey, is the Diner Capital of the world, it’s known for the famous Taylor Ham Pork Roll. It also a Six Flags And the Land of Make believe theme parks.

The biggest concerts are performed at the Meadowlands or Prudential Center, located in Newark, the biggest city in New Jersey.

Newark, New Jersey.

We have Atlantic City, which is popular resort city known for its boardwalk, beaches, gambling, and casinos, like Harrah’s, Ceasar’ Palace, Hard Rock Casino, and many more. Atlantic City Boardwalk, is the first boardwalk in the U.S. that opened in 1870, with a distance of 4 miles along side the beach.

New Jersey, is one of the original 13 colonies, during the Revolutionary War. NJ has George Washington’s Retreat Trail and the Passaic River, was the first to test a submarine, by John Hubbard.

Like every state, New Jersey has bizarre and interesting stories. Their is a travel guide for everything old and new in New Jersey called wierd NJ. It contains many ghost stories and haunted locations in New Jersey..

Only the Strong!

-New Jersey

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