When they want to be just like you.

Before heading to BJJ class, I do little warm ups in my basement using my weights and stationary exercise bike and blast some music for motivation to workout.

As I do my workouts my son likes to go downstairs and watch me. As he watched, I noticed he also wants to work out. After, I do my light lifting, I start hitting the punching bag and as I’m hitting it my son runs upstairs.

I thought he got bored and left to play games. Instead, he comes back down with his punching gloves on and says, “my turn, dad!” Lmao, I LOVE this kid!

Watch as he punches the bag in the short clip below:

At regular speed
At slow motion.

3 thoughts on “When they want to be just like you.

    1. In our jiu jitsu class our instructor always mistakenly calls him by my name and then the instructor always tells me that we look the same. I honestly think he looks more like his mother. And yes for a little kid he punches pretty fast that’s why he’s my Ninja. It comes natural for him. Amazes me all the time. Thanks for reading and watching.

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