National Ice Cream Day!

Did you know Sunday, July 21, 2019 is National Ice Cream Day? Perfect timing for the heat wave here in New Jersey and Midwest area.

Ice Cream is a sweetened frozen delight that everyone loves. It is often paired with a snack, a treat, or dessert. My family and I enjoy it all year long.

What I love about ice cream, is that they’re about a 1000 or more flavors to choose from and assorted styles of ice creams to indulge in. From yogurt to custard or having it as a shake or as a Sundae, I don’t see how anyone won’t love it, unless they’re allergic.

Ice cream always puts a smile on my face! This July 21st, indulge yourself with your favorite ice cream.

Here are some facts about ice cream.

  • The tallest ice cream cone was over 10ft tall.
  • America, New Zealand and Australia consumes the most ice cream in the world.
  • Chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla.
  • The waffle cone was invented by accident.
  • My favorite flavor is UBE.

Deals on National Ice Cream Day.

  • Baskin Robbins has buy 2 pre packed quarts for $7.99.
  • Carvel has buy one get one free soft serve cup or cone.
  • Godiva is buy one get one 50% Sundays.
  • Johnny Rockets get a free milk shake with purchase of an entree.
  • Wendy’s for a limited time get frosty’s for only 50 cents.
  • Dairy Queen has deals on the mobile app.
  • Petsmart your dog can get a free 4-ounce ice cream. (Pet safe ice cream)

Only at participating locations.

National Ice Cream Day 2013

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