DEMONS by Yung Sushi

Demons by Yung Sushi

Song: Demons

Song produced by: Gregatron

Song written by: Yung Sushi

This is a young man out of Texarkana,Texas trying to make a name for himself and honestly I think if he continues to make music like this he is well on his way. I have been listening to this song and it’s growing on me. I was able to ask him a few questions about himself and his song.

What made you decide you wanted to be an music artist?

Yung Sushi- I always had a thing for poetry, ever since I was a youngin. I excelled in poetry, and as I got older my vocabulary began to fluctuate and I realized I had a talent.

What music artist inspired you?

Yung Sushi- Tory Lanez, his versatility is amazing. I aspire to be like him, his flow is just wild.

What struggles did you have to overcome?

Yung Sushi- The stereo types of being Asian, like “oh your not good enough” or “Asian’s can’t rap” and just being doubted in general. Being poor like sleeping in a car, that kind of poor or with strangers on their couches, not having food or clothes, not having a car that kinda poor. Rejection and heartbreak, but like everyone goes through that.

What do you want to get out of being a music artist?

Yung Sushi- I don’t want fame or fortune. I want to build and help people strive for greatness. I want to change the world, i know that sounds cheesy, but still I want to be able to make an impact whether it’s a small dent or a crater.

How did you come up with the name Yung Sushi?

Yung Sushi- Funny story, I went to a redneck ass school in the middle of Arkansas and I was like the only Asian kid to ever be there, and kids being kids they teased me about being Asian calling me shit like Chang and sushi roll and other racist shit but I’ve always loved sushi so it never really bothered me and as time went on I picked up that name sushi/sush. I just added the young part for extra pizzaz.

What is your favorite type of music?

Yung Sushi- I like all types of music. All genres has some aspect that makes that song good whether it be hip hop, R&B, alternative, etc.

How long have you been making music?

Yung Sushi- I wouldn’t say I’ve been making music from the start, but I started writing lyrics when I was 7. When I turned 13/14 my dad met a guy who had a studio, so officially I’ve been making music for two years.

What is your favorite thing about being a music artist?

Yung Sushi- My favorite thing about being an artist is being in the studio, whether it be making beats, singing, rapping, or even just writing lyrics. I just love being in the booth, it’s like my home.

What is an average day like for you?

Yung Sushi- I wake up if it’s summer and I go to work with my dad, if it’s during the school year I go to school, but I do what needs to be done and all while i’m doing it i kinda freestyle in my head, and if it sounds hot I write it down, then i hang and chill with my boys.

How did you come up with this song “Demons”?

Yung Sushi- Well everyone got demons , whether it be your past, your fears, your problems, or bad people in general, I learned how to exist without my inner demons dragging me down. In the song I talk about how we came up, “remember I aint have no bed ain’t have no pillow, neighbors right across the street they be kicking doors, and I talk about hanging out with demons. See people in the “ghetto” or “hood” are seen as bad people, like how demons are seen as bad spirits. Well I had grown up and been around them for so long I met a lot of “demons” and became aquatinted with them, hence the lyrics “I made friends with the demons I ain’t scared no more”.

Yung Sushi

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Special thanks to Xander Cabanayan and Phillip Cabanayan.


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