Great to be back!

Last week Wednesday, was my first day back in Jiu-Jitsu class since March and is was great to be back!

I arrived early and got suited up for class. Wednesday’s is Adult BJJ Beginners Jiu-Jitsu, it’s usually a white belt and blue belt class, but all level belts are welcome. It’s a small class on that day so there’s alot of space to drill and roll on the mat and I enjoy it. The other days, class is so full you barely have space to roll without bumping into people.

The drill was passing open guard! In order to pass the open guard you have to get in between your drill partner’s legs, put pressure with your hand on the knee of the side you want to pass while holding his belt or hip on the other side with pressure using the other hand, then lean forward with your weight, and when he carries you, use that leverage to hop over the leg you are holding down, and get the side mount. We also attempted it with the knee slicer to get side mount.

Both are great ways to pass when used at the proper time for great execution. As I was attempting this with my drill partner that day, he showed me what would happen when I do the attempt wrong and wasn’t being careful. He was stuffing me on mid hop and tossing me like a rag doll. I know if I have the steps down, it would be hard to stop me from getting the pass, if I’m not careful using all the steps, everything can easily go wrong.

Then came the rolling! First day back is always hard! I mean physically nothing can prepare you for the battle you are about to go through on the mat. Luckily, I drilled with a patner who can beat you at anytime, but let’s you attempt to figure out how to escape. I got chocked after a few attempted escapes, but failed or put myself in a worse position.

I believe I got choked with a guillotine choke. I sat there and was stuck, I couldn’t think of a way to escape without getting choked.

After, I rolled with two other opponents, I survived most of the match, but got tapped out again. Besides the getting tapped out, I think I did good my first day back. I got my even amount of subs for the day. It wasn’t easy though, I had to work super hard for them, I felt how out of shape I was. It was hot in class, so that didn’t make it easier on my breathing, I was running short of breath quickly.

After putting in some hard work.

After all three rolls, 5 minutes each back to back, I was dying. I had to lay down for a good minute or two before I can actually sit up. That is something I have to remedy quickly in the next few weeks.

I don’t think about trying to win a match or worry if I lose any. My goal right now is to get my stamina back up and work more on my breathing for now. To “play survivor” when you can’t breath really sucks, but it helps you become calm under dangerous conditions on the mat, It goes a long way in Jiu Jitsu. It’s what I’ll focus on for the next few classes.

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