Ryan the MIXOLOGIST, an on air personality DJ on the afternoon show for STAR 101 in Upper Tumon, Guam. He’s the Owner of “Oh Snaps Photobooth671.” He’s started on the radio 19 years ago with a few years break in between, and a DJ for 25 years. He’s also an old friend of mine since elementary school. He’s the 2018 DJ battle WU-TANG Coalition champion of Guam! I got the chance to interview him and ask a few questions, about being one of the top DJ’s in Guam.


Me: What inspired you to become a DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: I was inspired when I watched my cousin Nole Of Music sensation. He would take me along to gigs and I really enjoyed it. I was just 16 yrs old at the time. 

Me: I also remember going along with New Hype Productions back in the days around that same time and it was fun. Everything from setup, watching, and listening to them mix and scratch. Also going to parties at the hotel ballrooms. Great times, I had with those guys back home.

Me: How long have you been a DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: I have been a DJ for about over 25 yrs.

Me: That’s a long time! I do remember hearing about you a while back. Actually, I remember hearing you mix at your house when I used to hang out at the Malanum’s house. I think you were just starting off back then.

Me: What is your favorite type of occasion or event you like being a DJ at?

MIXOLOGIST: I Like doing all kinds. Weddings, Birthdays, and most especially the Clubs (kentos at the Hyatt) (Trifecta Guams party central).

Me: What is your least favorite occasion to be a DJ at?

MIXOLOGIST: As a DJ, you love what you do, and that’s what I am a “DJ!” I do not dislike any type of occasion.

Me: What is your favorite type of music you listen to?

MIXOLOGIST: My favorite Type of music has to be top 40, hip hop, up to date music, fist pumping, reggae, 90’s, Oldskool, also starting to like EDM.

Me: What is your best moment as a DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: My best moments are competing at the DJ Battles I’ve entered, which I placed 3rd on my first battle, 4th on my 2nd battle, and finally the last battle I’ve entered which was last year. I won that battle and became the Champ. Now I am part of the Famous Wu Tang Coalition DJ’s Worldwide.

Me: What was your worst moment as a DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: No Comment .. I don’t like looking back at the past I leave it there, but always looking Forward to Better and more memorable moments.

Me: That’s the best way to look at life. We definitely can’t change the past, many of us wish we could. You learn from it to help you make a better choices present.

Me: Does it make you nervous when everyone is listening and watching you DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: I don’t mind feeling nervous, actually the jitters give me an adrenaline rush and Pumps me up especially on the battles when the crowd is cheering for you. 

Me: What does being a DJ mean to you?

MIXOLOGIST: It means I have the power to entertain and control the dance floor. I love doing everything a DJ does. To me it’s much more easier for someone to become a DJ cause of the technology. Now they can just look at the sound waves to match the beat. I learned way back with vinyl records and using my ears to listen when to match the beat.  

Me: Old school! That is the way I remember it. Waiting and listening for that right moment to cross beats and switch songs.

Me: What do you want to get most out of being a DJ?

MIXOLOGIST: Well every DJ wants to make a name for himself, and making it a prominent career. That’s my goal!

Me: Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road?

MIXOLOGIST: Having a rocking show on the radio station which I am accomplishing now.

Me: I stream your show as much as I can, which is a little hard here in New Jersey at times, because of the time difference. I believe it starts at 12 midnight here but I do tune in.

Me: Do you like being on the radio?

MIXOLOGIST: I love being on the Radio Station. Knowing People are listening and love to be entertained by the Mixologist. It’s a great feeling!

Me: How long have you been on the radio?

MIXOLOGIST: I have been on radio for about 19 yrs.

Me: How did you get into radio and who introduced you to it?

MIXOLOGIST: Well I started on the radio station about 19yrs ago. It was a on and off thing, sort of like a side gig while I also worked as a bartender. That is actually how I got my name. I was first a bartender at TGIFridays and then a DJ. SO FROM THERE FORTH Mr. Sims of the Rudeboy DeeJay’s Said since your a bartender lets call you Ryan the Mixologist… the name stuck with me and Ryan the mixologist name was born on the radio .. so Mr. Sims Put me on Radio, first doing Mixes on the Air from there I was like, I wanna do this, Thats back then, but honestly the Best radio experience I have is WITH STAR 101.. that’s because Star 101 Is a new and growing station and it’s starting to become the hottest radio station on Guam .. and I wanna be part of it when it blows away every radio station on Guam .

Me: Is radio what you expected it to be?

MIXOLOGIST: “Yes!” Radio has been what I expected it to be, but honestly you know when you are fit to be on the airwaves. When I listen to other stations to see what I’m up against “OMG!” It drives me nuts, when a radio jock doesn’t know when to stop talking to much because this is Music radio, not talk radio. keep the music playing… 

Me: Do you like the time of day your on radio or would you like a different time?

MIXOLOGIST: I Love my slot on my show Ryan the mixologist Afternoon Show 2pm to 6pm. I call it the prime time of all the radio hours.

Me: Do you listen to your radio station when you are not on?

MIXOLOGIST: Yes! I Do like to know how our music play comes out on air … but at the same time I like to also know how the other station sounds.

Me:Who’s your favorite person/persons to shout out? (It better be me j/k)

MIXOLOGIST: I love giving shoutouts to all the listeners, my sponsors of the show, and most especially listeners all over the world… especially Allen Carranza, who I went school with in elementary, who is now residing in New Jersey…HAHAHA!

Me: I appreciate the shoutouts. It keeps us connected to the people of Guam. Being away from home here in NJ, then hearing my name mentioned back home is an Honor. Thanks for that! I know the others you shout out all over the world enjoy it as well. Thank you for taking the time and sharing with us a little about the MIXOLOGIST!

For the people of Guam, tune in on the Afternoon show from 2pm – 6pm hosted by Ryan the MIXOLOGIST on STAR 101! For people around the world check out STAR 101 website @ http://star101.gu/ to watch the live stream.

Special thanks to Ryan Auayan for taking time to do this interview with me.

below are a few of his Facebook videos…

My favorite the shououts.


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