Sunday @ High Point State Park.

Spent Sunday morning and most of the afternoon at High Point State Park .

It’s located in Northern Jersey and at the highest point of New Jersey. Its peak elevation, stands at 1,804ft.

High Point State Park, has a hiking trail (Appalachian trail), camping grounds, fishing, pavilions for parties, BBQ grills, a play ground, a lake, and the War Veteran’s Monument.

High Point beach area.

It’s a great place with great views for pictures. A very clean and safe park. I haven’t had any trouble at this park nor have I seen any. It’s a great place to bring the family and enjoy a day outdoors.

It’s one of my favorite places, sort of my hidden gem in New Jersey to relax. The drive is about an hour from my place, so it’s not to far. The drive has great sceneries, farms, and old colonial style homes which I enjoyed seeing.

I love going to High Point State Park, because the lake at this park is never overcrowded and the views are breathtaking. Its not a big lake, but you’ll always find a great spot to sit, swim, fish or just lay under the sun.

It’s very relaxing everytime I go, it’s very cool, sunny, and beautiful. There is an entrance fee per car, which is a great deal compared to some of the bigger lakes that charge per person.

My kids enjoy swimming and so do I. They always make new friends everytime we go, they enjoy every second of it. After, we usually go up to the Monument and see the views from the high point of New Jersey.

We usually arrive a little early at the lake to get our usual spot to put up our tent, sit back, and enjoy the water. It was a fun day with the family. Great memories at this lake and will continue to make more every summer.


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