National Flip Flop day

Did you know if you walk into Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Friday, June 21st with flip flops, you get a free smoothie?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, created National flip flop day, to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. Flip flops/sandals has been worn since way back. There are evidence, it’s been worn since 15,000 years ago during the Stone age.

Being from the islands where it’s hot all year around, flip flops are worn everyday when outside. It’s great for walks on the sand at the beaches. (Wearing shoes on the sand feels uncomfortable with the accumulation of sand in it.)

Egyptions 3,000 years ago, also wore sandals, which had belt locks on several toes. Also Greeks wore flip flops with the strap in between the first and second toe and is still the most popular style till this day. Back in those days, there was no air conditioning and sandals would be the best way to keep your feet cool.

That is why, Tropical Smoothie Cafe created this day for your feet to be free and have some fresh air. Stop by with flip flops and they’ll reward you with a free 16oz smoothie.

So break out your flip flops/sandals and flaunt them when you go out to the beach, the store, at the park, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, or where ever you go on Friday, June 21st, National Flip Flop day.

Get your free Smoothie @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe near you from 2-7pm. Friday June 21, 2019 (Remember you must be wearing Flip Flop.)


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