International Picnic Day

On Tuesday June 18th, if you just got off work, are nauseated by being stuck indoors or in need of some fresh air? You might just have picked the right day for a picnic!

On International Picnic Day, we should all go out and get together. Invite a friend, friends, and family to the park for a walk, play some ball, to socialize, or to just have a picnic while enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re working have lunch at the park or take a seat on the grass or bench outside your building.

People have been doing this for many years, its an escape from the busy and stressful environment. It’s great to have a little R & R from our everyday lives and be free, even if it’s for a short while. Lay a blanket down, open up a snack, and drink, you’ll be thankful you did.


A few facts I found out about Picnic’s. The phrase, “no picnic” was used to explain something that was unenjoyable. France had a 600 mile long picnic back in 2000, and Portugal holds the record of most people participating at a picnic with over 20,000 back in June 2009. Picnics is a popular romantic choice for a date for couples. Light healthy snacks, crackers, sandwiches, and wine is a popular choice of food and drink for a picnic.

Hope you decide to spend the day outdoors, and have a nice relaxing picnic.


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