Our Hawaii visit pt.2

The next morning, we get up early and decide to eat breakfast at the hotel. Once we finished, we went out for more sightseeing.

Breakfast at the hotel.

We stopped by a little market that sold souvenirs and Hawaiian print shirts. We bought a few for ourselves and some for family in Guam.

We got there and it was just opening up, so we waited a few minutes till they opened. We were able to get what we needed, then we walked around to see more stores. We didn’t have much time to go around, because we had to be at the airport by noon, to catch our flight to Guam. Hawaii was just a stop over for us, but sure wish it was our vacation.

After we walked around, we decided to stroll to the beach. We walked two blocks to reach the beach and along our way, their was a hula performance, so we stopped and watched the show, then headed to the beach.

We finally got to the beach and it was an amazing site. The white sands leading to the waves, breaking in the shore. It was so beautiful that the kids couldn’t help themselves and ran right into the water. We didn’t plan to go swimming, we were going to save that for when we get to Guam, since we were only in Hawaii, for a lay over.

Early morning at Waikiki ,Hawaii.

After a few minutes at the beach, we start heading back to the hotel to get ready for our flight. As we were walking, the kids kept talking about, “how they wanted to swim at the beach.”  We explained, “we willl do alot of that in Guam.” They couldn’t wait to get to Guam.

On the way back to the hotel.

We reached the hotel, Cleaned up, got ready, packed up, checked out of the hotel, and took a taxi to the airport. At first it looked like we were going to make the flight, but after an hour or two the flight got full, so we weren’t able to get on.

Since we didn’t get on, we rented a car and got another hotel. At the Rent-A-Car, the guy at the counter was also from Guam and he hooked me up with a bigger vehicle free of charge. You got to love the island people. He also showed me local spots for some good food and an easier route to get back to Waikiki, from the airport.

After checking-in the new hotel, we decide to take the kids for a swim, since we still had a few hours of sunlight left. We go down to the lobby, get some towels, some snorkels, and a boogie board, then headed straight to the beach.

We picked a section away from the beach area, because only a few people were there, so we pretty much had that part of the beach to ourselves.

My daughter wanted to boogie board, it’s her first time, so I gave a few tips, then strapped the leash on her, and she ran straight into the water. The other kids just wanted to play with the waves and swim.

I snorkeled around, chased, and filmed some fishes under water. My eldest daughter was swimming around, my other daughter was boogie boarding, which she learned quickly, and the two younger ones, swam and enjoyed  the waves crashing in. My wife sat in the sand, took selfies, and pictures of us swimming. We had a blast!

The kids @ Waikiki beach, Hawaii
The wifey @ Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

After swimming, we walked back to the hotel,   cleaned up, and went for a drive around, before looking for a place to eat. We are from Guam, so the island life was something me and my wife are used to, so Hawaii felt like home. Its a different feeling being in the islands than the mainland. It’s warm all the time and sun down was around the same time everyday, it’s beautiful!

We got to wear shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and flip flops, all day. It was comfortable and relaxing. I wish I could just stay in Hawaii for the rest of my life. It felt like, I died and went to heaven. If you’ve never been to Hawaii, I suggest you start planning a trip A.S.A.P! We enjoyed it and will be coming back hopefully soon.

It’s getting dark and we are hungry. Where do we go to eat? Of course, L&L Hawaiian BBQ! My daughter’s favorite restaurant, she loves the Chicken Katsu, my other daughter and I love the Teriyaki Beef BBQ, and my wife and 2 kids loves the BBQ Short Ribs. When we lived in California, we always ate at L&L, not having it for a while was so delicious. The macaroni salad, is personally one of the best I’ve had.

After eating, we drove around a little more to see other parts of the island, then we headed back to the hotel, and called it a night.

The next day, we drove to get breakfast at McDonald’s, which had Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice. You can’t get this anywhere on the mainland, only on the islands. It’s my favorite breakfast food, I get back home many times.

Portuguese sausage, egg and rice, McDonalds.

After eating we went back to the airport for our flight to Guam, and this time we got on. Guam here we come.


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