Memorial Day weekend.

It is official, Memorial Day Weekend is finally here. “Raise your American flag!”

During summer of last year, most of our weekends, it rained. We didn’t get to go to the lake like we usually do, every summer.

Hopefully this summer is different. If the weather is nice for most of the summer, we’ll be exploring the beaches and lakes, to make up from last year. We usually go to High Point, NJ to swim at the lake.

The lake is small, which is good, because it doesn’t get crowded as much as the other places close by us. The entrance fee is $10 per car, compared to the $5 per person ($30 for my family.)

It’s an hour and 15 min drive from my house, but well worth the drive. We all enjoy the lake Everytime we go. It’s also the same place, I caught my first fresh water fish.

It offers many amenities at that lake. There’s hiking trails, a beautiful scenery, volleyball, a kids park, fishing spots, BBQ grills, pavilions for parties, a camping section, and you can also drive around to go sightseeing. It’s clean, peaceful, calming, not overcrowded place, the swimming area is a decent size with life guards on the premises.

We always drive in early to set up our tent by the sand, to get a good spot, while it’s still empty. By lunch time, it starts filling up. When we’re there, I teach my kids how to fish and they love it. We visited the monument that you see in the picture below, which is the highest point in New Jersey standing at 1,804 ft.

It’s one of my favorite places, when I go swimming with the kids! We spend hours there enjoying the sun and being outdoors. Where will you be going memorial weekend? Where ever it is, I hope you enjoy and have a great time in the sun, this Memorial Day weekend!

High Point N.J


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