Last run this season

This track meet was my daughter’s last race for the season. It was a hard start at the beginning of the season, but after a few adjustments, she ended the season with better and stronger finishes.


She ran the 1600 meters at first, which ended up being too much for her, then switched to 800 meters where she started giving her competitors some competition. During the 1600 meter race she was getting worn out by the end of third lap and finishing close to last.

On the 800 meter race, she started slow, while trying to understand, when to use her speed and endurance, she quickly caught on. She finished 6th on the first run, then the second run, she finished 5th place. After understanding when to turn up the speed and using that knowledge, she improved her time in every race after, she came in fourth, but came closer and closer to 3rd place.


Overall, she did better than expected. She was the only sixth grader in the races finishing right behind 3rd, which is a good place to be since it’s her first real experience doing any sport.

She trained hard, learned how to run against the competition, and finished strong and continued to be an Honor roll student like she promised. As parents, we are very proud of her. If she decides to run again next season I’m “All in!”

I would like to say

Good job to the runners who gave thier all, and the people who supported them. I would like to congratulate all the students and parents who participated in track this season included my Sister and her son who got bronze this yr.

For now, this will be the end of, Love – Hate experience, “My Track Star” blogs! Thanks for following our experience.


2 thoughts on “Last run this season

  1. FANTASTIC! That is one of the hardest races to run well. Speed, endurance, and knowing when to turn it up is critical. Unlike most other races, you have to know your competition well. Watch them. Learn their strategy. Because once you give up some ground, it could be impossible to get it back. But it sounds like she is on a good path. WELL DONE! (This was my race in high school and I loved it) Cross country in the fall may be a good thing for her. They work on both endurance and speed and how to maintain it for the distance. Then when she gets to the 800 or even 1600 in the Spring, she will crush her compentition.

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