Spent the afternoon @ NYC!

During the weekend, family from Texas and Virginia came to visit. Two came for the BTS(Bangtan Boys)concert and the others came to visit family.

They arrived Thursday morning and Friday night. We had a small gathering for dinner, while eating, we started talking about going to New York City, to stop by the store, “Line Friends,” in Time Square. We weren’t doing anything special so we decided to tag along.

Pictures Taken by me.

After exiting Port Authority, we walked to “Line Friends,” Global Character Brand store on Broadway. We arrived around noon and the line wrapped around the whole block. Some said, “they’ve been in line for over an hour.”

There was no way, we were getting into the store, it was packed. People who flew in, to watch the BTS concert and staying in NYC, was in line to enter the store and it wasn’t moving.

Watching Videos of their concerts, I understood why? Their fan base for mainstream K-pop (South Korea music) is huge. Poster boards and retailers that carried any K-pop products, were surrounded by fans, from all over.

After seeing the line, we decided to have lunch instead at, An’nam NYC restaurant, on W. 38th St. Its an Asian Fusion restaurant, which serves Vietnamese food, Japanese bento boxes, sushi rolls, and it had one of the best Steak Teriyaki’s, I’ve eaten. 

Pictures taken by me.

After we finished eating, we walked to K-Town ( Korean town), on W. 32nd St. to stroll around and see the shops on that street. My wife, noticed a Korean bakery she knows, and got some, Milk Tea Bubble Tea. I stood outside with my kids and watched the people walk by and took videos, while I waited for my wife to return and the others to finish shopping.

We then walked around, Times Square and enjoyed the scenery. I took alot of pictures, while admiring the beautiful tall New York buildings. I enjoy seeing the diversity of people, who probably came from every corner of the world, as they passed by me.

Seeing the streets of endless tall buildings, the lights, the shops, vendors, cars, people, street performers, New York’s finest police officers, and firefighters was fun. Seeing it on t.v. wasn’t the same as being there in person, it’s a totally different feeling.

Picture taken by me.

I liked seeing the m&m store, Ripley’s believe it or not, the historic MACY’S department store, and the DISNEY store. Time Square was just minutes away from the Empire State building. There’s so much to do at, NYC. Everything was a short walking distance, but so hard to do with so little time.

We always enjoy our visits to NYC. Being there you get to see how big and beautiful it is, “The city that never sleeps!” The streets are filled with so many people, everywhere you look. It’s never a dull moment in the, “Big Apple!” If you haven’t been to NYC or haven’t gone for a while, I suggest you plan to visit!

Picture taken by me.

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