This week was the 85th anniversary for Caravel.

It’s an ice cream chain that has good soft served ice cream. We also love there ice cream cakes, we usually buy them for our kids Birthday celebrations.

For their 85th Anniversary, there jr. ice cream cones were 85 cents each, my wife, youngest daughter, and I walked to get some ice cream. Its a block away from our house, so it was close by.

When we arrive, there are alot of people and the line is to the door. We stand in line, wait our turn, and ordered the ice cream cones. My daughter ordered chocolate, my wife got cold brew coffee, and I got the oreo soft served ice cream.

The cold brew and oreo soft served was good, for 85 cents you can’t beat that. We love Caravel and ice cream, so we wanted to show our support and celebrate there 85th anniversary with them and did I mention, “it was only 85 cents each!”

“Love it”

  • Lots of soft serve selection
  • Ice Cream cakes for all occasions.
  • For everyday of the week they have a deal.
  • Wednesday the day for a sunday. Buy one get one free sunday.
  • Homemade ice cream.

“Hate it”

  • Whats there to hate it’s ice cream shop with tons of flavors to choose from.

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