Movie Night

It’s Friday night, the start of the weekend and it’s school movie night at my two kids school, featuring “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” I was the parent who volunteered to take the two kids to movie night, which means I get to spend 2 hours with them. Seeing my kids happy, is all that matters, it also was for a good cause. 

I think it’s great that they have school spirit, but sometimes I would rather skip it all. I just don’t feel like watching, “Ralph breaks the internet” again, but since I didn’t get to finish the movie, I figured I’ll watch the ending at their school. We packed some blankets, pillows to lay and sit on, some snacks, and drinks.

 I’ve gone to movie night once before with my older daughter which she says, “I don’t remember.” I knew how it was going to be (kids running around and playing during the movie) I prepared myself to be comfortable and just wait for the chaos to happen.

From the moment I walked out of my house, my son was already running around and trying to get away from me. They both were excited and couldn’t stop blabbering through out the walk, but as soon as we arrived at the school, the tugging and arm dragging began. Here I am being pulled by two little monsters eager to find their friends and a place to lay there blankets.

We finally decided on a spot to settle down. Both excited for there first movie night and participating in an after school, evening event. Soon enough they find their friends and the chaos begins. They start running to greet each other, they start plotting where and who to sit with, and ofcourse they don’t want to sit next to any of their parents. I give them some distance, but not too far, just enough for me to have eye contact with them and if I need to say something they can hear me. 

I sit and watch them play waiting for the movie to start and it becomes madness. I don’t know how the teachers handle them! It wasn’t even all the children, just a little portion of the students from the school, and I was already getting a headache. The screaming and running around was a little to much for me, my son takes advantage of this chaos to get away from me, but he always checks if I’m looking at him and makes sure he is’t in trouble.

My daughter on the other hand, is a little more mellow. She fixes the blanket, the pillows, and sits patiently. She also watched most of the movie, but didn’t finish to, so we both just wanted to see the ending. She sets up a space for us and some space for her close friend, who wants to sit by her during the movie. Once everything is settled, a few minutes later they announce, “the movie will begin!”

Now the lights are turned off and the movie starts, but the chaos still continues. The kids are still walking around and are undecided with who they want to sit by. I see babies running across the projection and parents chasing after their kids, while I’m just sitting back. My kids aren’t that wild, but can be at times, this time they were less of the wild bunch. I know some of the parents want there kids to sit still and stay calm, but that’s never happening, no matter what they try, “not tonight at least!” As for me, I lay on the blanket, get comfortable, and wait it out. Eventually the movie will end and I can stand up and leave with no worries.

An hour and some minutes later, and it is over! It was a good ending, happy to have finished the movie, so was my daughter, but I couldn’t wait to leave. I get everything packed up, but the kids wanted to stay and play for awhile and wait for the raffle, so we do. We came so close to winning the raffle, we were one number below the winning number they called. I mean how close can you get? My daughter was excited till that last number and her heart dropped. She said, “we were so close…noooo!” “Please, can we leave now?” She was dissapointed!

Leaving the chaos was all I cared about, when we left and opened the school doors, it was freedom, but we actually opened the doors to pouring rain. We walked earlier to the school so I didn’t bring an umbrella, but who cares? I was happy to walk in the rain than staying and enduring more of the chaos that wasn’t even from my kids…lmao!

They had a great time at school and so did I. After all that, I was happy the kids were happy and spending time with my two youngest. I was glad they were thoughtful enough to ask me to tag along. (I was the only one who would agree) Priceless!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and spent it with the ones you love like I did. Love, Laugh, & Live thats the motto. Thanks for reading.


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