Virgina road trip.

For Easter weekend and Spring break the family and I, decided to visit my sister-in-law and her husband, who is in the Navy in Virginia. We went with my wife’s family and their significant others. Their was a lot of us, which made the trip more enjoyable.

The drive down was a little tiring, we drove Thursday night around 9 p.m. and didn’t arrive Virginia till 5 a.m. Friday. Being tired from work then long driving after wasn’t a good idea, but it paid off since we had most of Friday and the weekend to go sightseeing.

Friday afternoon, we stroll down to Virginia Beach, but along the way we made a couple of stops and stopped for lunch at a Japanese buffet. The food was pretty good compared to all the other buffets we have eaten at. The sushi was good, the seafood was the best I’ve tried compared to other buffets, they also had a hibachi section as well. All-in-all it was a pretty good restaurant.

After, we finally headed down to Virginia Beach, it was a 15 minute drive away. As we arrive we see the beautiful beach view, the small shops, beach front restaurants, hotels, and the amazing scenery. The beach was big and clean. The boardwalk went as long as my eyes can see. It had a King Neptune statue that was super cool. My daughter is into Greek Mythology and was ecstatic when she saw the statue. It is all she wanted to see from the moment we parked the car.

King Neptune

There was a little storm coming so it was really windy, but we still enjoyed our walk around the beach. Some of us walked around in the sand and some stood still admiring the scenery, we had an awesome time. We laughed as we walked down the boardwalk together. I walked around taking pictures of everyone as they walked and took random shots of things. I caught most of the interesting moments. My wife and I walked alone together for a few minutes, which was lovely. It was pure happiness, I felt the love in the air. I guess that’s why they say, “Virginia is for lovers!”I wish it lasted forever…the crashing of the waves, was blissful, calming, and relaxing.

On Saturday, we had a bbq, the kids played in the park in the back of the house, while the dogs ran around the back yard. Our whole trip was relaxing, we didn’t have to worry about anything nor did we worry about what the kids we’re doing. They enjoyed every minute of our trip. My wife and I even enjoyed our small sightseeing strolls together. Later, we had an early easter egg hunt, because we were leaving early Sunday morning back home and I wanted to beat the traffic. The kids were excited to go egg hunting a day early. We filled the plastic eggs with money and some treats, which they loved. They all had a blast!

It was a fun filled weekend… now the drive back home. We left early in the morning so we can drive around Washington D.C. to check out some of monuments and national sites. We didn’t walk around the sites, just drove around. We decided to save that for our next trip. We can’t wait to go back and actually tour the sites. We also drove through Baltimore, which was also a good site. We saw cruise ships docked in the bay and drove through the tunnel.

This route we took was a longer route than the one we took going to Virginia, yet it seemed faster and wasn’t boring. It made our 6 hours a pretty good drive. The distance didn’t feel short nor long, it’s the right amount of road time for the trip. I love long drives and looking at different styles of towns, cities, buildings, forests, people, animals, farms, cars, and houses. I just admire our earth and the beauty in it; man made or not! It also makes the time pass and I especially love the conversations with my wife about the things we’ve seen. It’s an experience for both of us, with great memories to share with one another.

As a family we drove from NJ to CA in 4 days. I have driven from the east coast to the west coast and back, so 6 hours was an easy drive for us! We enjoy our family road trips and are planning to go on many more. The kids love every family trip we go to and while they still do, we will continue to plan more trips. We’re always looking forward to the next one!

To view our trip to Virginia and back, check out my gallery page. Thanks for reading and hope you’ll also decide to take a road trip yourself. Also, for the families that haven’t gone on a trip lately, start planning and enjoy your time together, as we did!


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