My Wifey

I wake up every morning and beside me, is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, the one I’ve been waking up too for many years. I get easily bored of things quickly, but not with my wife, I can never get enough of her. I open my eyes and by now, I would think that maybe today I wouldn’t feel like seeing her face, but that’s not the case, her face is still the first thing I want to see.

I dream about her and when I wake, its a dream come true. I love my wife inside and out. She is my life! I can not express how much joy and love this woman brings into my life.

There are times we may disagree, times we argue, and fight, but that is nothing compared to how we enjoy and love each other’s company. We talk on the phone, text, and/or video chat everyday when we are not together, and at home we are always beside each other. We are inseparable and bonded by love.

It has been this way for years, and I honestly don’t see it ending anytime soon or ever. We do everything together and wouldn’t do it any other way.

I am grateful she is in my life, I could not see myself spending my life with anyone else. She completes me.

She takes good care of our children and I. It would be choas without her, she holds us down. She is the rock in our family and our shining star. She is the anchor on our ship, we would be lost in sea without her.

No one sacrifices more for us than she has and we are in awe on how she seems to keep doing it. She is my Spartan queen…the bravest, smartest, hard working, caring, and most loving person I know.

She does everything needed to keep our life going as easy as possible, and doesn’t ask for anything in return. She’s unselfish and always thinks of ways on helping us do what we need to do.

She cleans up after us, cooks, does laundry, prepares the kids school clothes daily, helps with homeworks, projects, goes to the stores, and buys everything we need. She goes above and beyond to keep us happy. She is a warrior.

I would like to say, “thank you” for being everything we are not and to say, “you are very much appreciated and needed to us.” I’ve loved you since day one and till the end of time. I Love you wifey!


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