Getting our stripes.

Only 1 month in and my son gets his first Jiu Jitsu stripe before I do. It was a Saturday morning class, my son does his drills and the instructor notices him doing his cross collar chokes and is impressed on how effective he is doing. In the end of class, they line up and the instructor tells them how good of a job they did and says, “I’ve seen some good chokes during the drills today.” He decides to give stripes out to a few students. My son’s been wanting a stripe, so he has been working really hard and showing it at every class.

Before class started my son says to me, “I’m going to do my best so I can get a stripe!” So by the end of class his name was called for a promotion and gets his first stripe👍. He held his head up high and was so excited to recieve his stripe. Congrats my boy we are very proud of you!

It is a day we will never forget! He was proud of himself and an achievement to be proud of. A great boost of confidence for himself and we couldn’t be more proud.

First stripe promotion.

After class we get into the car and he says, “dad I knew I was going to get a stripe, because I worked hard.” I reply, “you sure did son, you sure did!” His determination to get that stripe is the kind of motivation he needs especially at his age.

Now a week goes by and since the day he got his stripe, everytime I come home from class and walk into the door he asks, “did you get your stripe.” I laugh and say, “no!” He wants me to get a stripe like him. That is my motivation to get my stripe, but I am one of those that think, if I ain’t perfect, I dont deserve it!

I practiced what I need to do for my first test with my wife everyday for about two weeks, so I can be confident I’m doing the moves flawlessly and correct…it paid off. I do my test and breeze through it. I passed, I say 98% if it was scored.

After class I walk into my house and trying to hide my stripe and before I can even take off my shoes my wife screams, “you got your stripe!” I smile and say, “how do you know?” She replies, “I can see it on your belt…lmao!” Then my son comes running towards me and says, “yay we both have a stripe now.” With excitement I say, “Yea, son we do!”

To be continued….


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