This is my daughters first year in middle school and for a shy girl, she joins the school newspaper club and the school student store, while having to maintain her “Honors class”… She wants to be a journalist/artist when she gets older and we are happy she’s already using her talents and skills at such a young age. Being in the the school newspaper will give her the experience she needs for writing, and the student store teaches her communcation and social skills..the key experiences for her Journalism career.

One day after coming home from school she says, “I also want to join a sport.” We explore our options and I say, “how about soccer?” Because she doesn’t know how to play basketball and can’t join football. As she’s thinking about it I also say, “soccer is a good sport to learn.” But still no response from her. I suggest another sport…

Knowing she likes to run, the only other choice that popped in my head was Track. First, she didn’t like the idea! We told her she already has alot of activities going on already and joining a sport will take time away from it, but she was adamant about joining one. Not sure if there was a sport she wanted to join, she didn’t say anything more about it. So we told her to just concentrate on her honors class and the school newspaper and if it’s not to much for her to handle, she can tryout for sports later, if she’s still interested.

Next day, after school she walks in the door puts down her bag and says, “hello!” We reply, “hello” back and before we can say anything else she says, “I signed up for track!” Her mom’s face was shocked😱. I talked to her about not joining and to first focus on studying, so we weren’t happy she signed up without our permission. We asked, “why did you do that?” She said, “I wasn’t… because I was not sure if they had Track at school, but they announced tryouts for track so I signed up!”

We weren’t really upset that she wants to be active in school, we were just worried it might be too much for her to handle. She didn’t really participate in alot of events last year of elementary, because it took alot of commitment. So we we’re surprised and impressed on how well she’s handling her time between all the activities and still managing to keep her grades up as an honor student. We are so impressed and happy she wants the responsibility.

Time goes on, and she still kept her grades up with tryouts about to start. As a father and not wanting to see my daughter be disappointed for not making the team, I tell her, “we need to prepare and get you ready for the tryouts!” I get her on the cycle and tell her, “cycle for a certain amount of miles everyday”, and I made sure she did, even when she didn’t want to. I’m not one of those fathers that get upset at their child for not trying hard enough. In highschool, during my freshmen year, I tried out for cross country and I was always into sports, extreme sports, surfing, and etc… So I know how much work you have to put in, to get better. Practice, practice, and more practice, that’s how you’ll get better!

Knowing it takes practice and dedication to be good enough and competing with others can take away your chances of being on the team. I Take her for a run to get her legs physically fit and get the endurance she’ll need when she trys out. We sprinted a few laps to get them warmed up, then we ran laps at full speed, then finished with a few races.
Now she is at least prepared enough to give the competition a run for there money.

She started track tryouts and just in the beginning she makes top three when they recorded the time on a few of the races. She walks in the car and tells me what happened during tryouts and asks, “if I am proud of her?” I reply, “I am never not proud of you!” She is very determined and such a competitor at a very young age. She gives her best to everything she sets her mind to.

Weeks go by and her time gets better and better while keeping her grades up. Amazed she is handling this well and exceeding in every aspect needed to make the track team. She goes to every practice motivated to succeed. I see how proud she feels, and so are we. As parents we want to see our kids succeed on everything they do, especially in the things they are passionate about. She inspires everyone in our family with her accomplishments, all her goals, and exceeding them all.

Now it’s the moment of truth…did she make the team?

I’m at work and I get a text around 1 o’clock and it’s my daughter saying in all caps, “I’M ON THE TEAM!”👏 I was so happy, very proud, and congratulated her. I was relieved to hear she officially made the team, which she deserved with all her hard work and effort. We are her No.1 fan and supporters. We love her for being her and conquering all obstacles.

“My Track Star!”


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