The continuation…

The phone call

Not knowing what to say, I dialed her number, she picks up, and I nervously say, “hello!” I asked to speak to her, and she says, “who is this?” I give her my name, tell her who I am, and how I got her number. I was so nervous, but excited to finally introduce myself to her.

The whole time I’m talking to her all I can think of was how cute she sounded, and picturing the time I’d seen her on the roof. We’ve been talking for a few minutes now, but something seemed a little weird. Her voice was slightly changing from time to time, but I couldn’t tell if someone was talking beside her. As I continued talking to her, like nothing was going on, I find out her and her aunt (similar age as her), was taking turns talking to me, while she ironed clothes. So I played along trying to remember the first voice I heard, so I can tell when it was her on the phone.

While on the phone my mind was telling me to, “ask her out!” It just kept repeating over, and over in my head. This has only been our first phone call, but I’ve been thinking about her for a very long time. I’ve imagined this day many times before, and practiced the words I would say to make her fall for me, but I couldn’t remember what to say, except for that one question, I want to ask, but I also didn’t want to rush the question, especially on the first day.

I planned to charm her and make her laugh while talking to her so she’ll think about me till we talked again, but It didn’t go as planned. After talking for a while, she had to get off the phone. I really enjoyed talking to her and with that little time I knew, “she was the one!” Before she got off the phone, “I asked her out!” I was shocked, so in my head I screamed…”IDIOT!”

What did I just do? Too late now! I have no choice, but to suffer the consequences of my actions, I just hope she won’t reject me right then and there. I have never done anything like that before, it just wanted to come out, maybe because I was sure she was the one for me. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. There was just this feeling of happiness, comfort, friendship, and love… She filled the emptiness in my heart. If I had to repeat that day, I don’t think I would have done it differently.

She was surprised by the question, she suddenly paused in silence. She asked, “what did you just say?” Again, “I ask her out,” this time with more confidence. I never felt this way before and I just hoped she felt that way to, but she said, “its our first time talking and you’re already asking me out?” I then confessed that I’ve been wanting to talk to her since I saw her on the roof. I know it surprised her that I’ve been thinking about her that long, but it was the truth! She replies, “can I think about it?”

It’s not the answer I wanted, but it sure was better than being rejected. I agreed with her and she gets off the phone. As soon as she hung up, I ran to a friends house and told him, “I finally talked to her and I asked her out.” I told my friend, “she is the one, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with!” “I don’t want no one else…I’m serious,” I said! He responds, “of all the girls you dated, you have never said that about a girl.” I reply, “I’ve never had this feeling before, all I can think about is her, and how I don’t want anyone else, but her…she is the only girl, I want in my life!”

Earlier, before we got off the phone she told me, “to wait at least two weeks for her answer.” Since then, I still called everyday to talk to her and every time I did, I fall more and more in love with her. Yes, in love! When I get home the first thing I would do is call her and check if she’s home. When I call and she answers the phone I know she’s home, because someone else would answer if she wasn’t, and I would hang up the phone so she wouldn’t get in trouble, or I changed my voice asking for a made up person.

Two weeks rolls by and I asked, “what’s my answer?” She says, “I’m not sure yet, wait a couple more days.” I’m disappointed, but in a good way. We still continue to talk for a while, but she later had to get off the phone. Before she did I asked her again, but this time she said, “YES!” Startled with what I heard I again asked, “what did you say?” She replied, “I said, YES!” It was on that day May 12, 1994, when the journey of Lenovie begins!

26 years down the road, we hit some bumps, had our ups and downs like any relationship, but we fought through all the obstacles and challenges that came our way. Everything we went through only made us stronger. Our love only grew more with time.

Thanks for reading how our story began… For more on our journey; when we started a family, when we got married, and how we overcame the obstacles that tried to tear us apart. We are the Right and the Wrong, the Ying and the Yang, we are the…

“Love-Hate relationship!”


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