VENTING-Workout Tuesdays!

So on Tuesdays after work I do my workouts the day before I go to Jiu Jitsu.. I work on my cardio, arms, legs and do stretches. I also work on my drills by doing a 100 of each arm bars from mount, triangles, kimuras, sweeping arm bars from guard, omaplatta’s and many more. I have a Jiu jitsu dummy who is my training partner at home, and I have made a dojo in my basement for home training. I also do a light work out the next day before class.

Having the determination to work out is something I am lacking at times, but I still just do it. I push myself to get stronger, faster, and be fit. I do my drills with a 20 lbs vest on. It helps me with being able to do what I do in jiu jitsu.

Dealing with all the driving, and walking I do for work I sometimes really don’t feel like doing anything when I get home. Then I have the kids, my wife, and the dog who all want some attention from me. With all that going on I still throw in some reps, cycle for 15 miles and my drills.

I wish I had all the energy to keep up with everything going on in my life, and have time to still workout, but that will never happen. It’s a love -hate relationship with working out. So I need to stop complaining and get down to bussiness.


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