JIU JITSU – Father and Son Ep.2

EXPERIENCE… Introducing my son to BJJ.

After my first day of class I walk into my house still wearing my gi and my son is staring at me and he says, “where did you come from?” I reply, “Jiu Jitsu!” He runs towards me and asked, “I want to go to!” In my mind I was thinking, “hell yeah!” I replied and said, “sure son you can go and tryout.”

Getting ready for the next class, and as i’m getting ready for class and my son asked, “am I going?” I reply, “yes, you are!” I get him ready and bring him along with me. We both walk into the building and I ask my instructor, “can my son tryout for the kids Jiu Jitsu?” I also said, “my son is 5 years old and has not started kinder yet…so I’m not sure if he would follow directions well!” The instructor said, “he can tryout!” So at that point my son had a big smile on his face.


My son is now putting on a kids gi and is a little scared, but excited at the same time. After he put the gi on, he looked so cute, because he’s tiny and the gi was a little big on him. He is now ready to start… he takes a bow before stepping onto the mat and walks with his cousin to get in position. His cousin has been going there for a while now, so she showed him where to go and stand. He is now out of my hands and in the hands of Jiu Jitsu now.

The class started warm ups, they ran laps and he is running with the other kids. I wasn’t sure if he would do the warm ups, but I was so surprised that he could run fast! As they are running the instructor plays a number game during their run. He calls out a number and the kids have to form in groups of the number he calls out. After two or three numbers being called out, he did not make the number the instructor called out, and he had to sit out with the other children that did not make it earlier for the remainder of the number game.


He is now sitting on his knees leaning against the wall with all the other kids that were out of the game. They finish up the game and get ready for the roll outs. Moment of truth! This is the part that worried me, if he would have a hard time learning or understanding what to do. I wasn’t sure how well he will do following instructions. It’s his turn to do the roll outs…The instructor shows him how to do the roll outs…Two forward rolls two backward rolls. He does a descent forward roll but doesn’t understand how to do a backward roll. That’s OK it was his 1st time!!!

Next up shrimping, another drill I was worried that he would have trouble with. I have showed him how to do this, before we even went to class, he did it fine at home. He walks off the wall and the instructor stops him and asks, “do you know how to break fall?” My son stares in confusion and shakes his head and says, “No!” The instructor tells him chin to your chest, fold your arms, bend your knees, and fall back… as soon as you hit the ground you slap the floor, that helps with breaking the fall so it won’t hurt your back as you hit the ground.


After he learned to break fall, he starts to shrimp. Shrimping is the most important and most used movement in Jiu Jitsu. Surprisingly he listened at home and shrimped almost perfectly. The instructor was surprised and so was I. After the instructor taught and showed them the drill, the kids were then partnered up. Since it was his first day and his cousin was already a student there, he partnered them together, so she can help him. They did upa when mounted, then back to guard; also the cross collar choke from mount.

I watched as he drilled and seen he was doing the steps to pull off an upa after being told once. He did the cross collar choke on his first attempt. I was impressed, He got this down. I was not in any real doubt that he couldn’t do it, but the determination to learn and taking instructions like he did. I couldn’t be any prouder.


As they are drilling the instructor comes over and says to me, “he is good, he follows directions, and is okay to join the class if we decide to join.” Since I’m joining, I signed up both of us. Now we are a father and son taking a journey into BJJ.

Our BJJ journey has began!!! More father and son BJJ series to come…


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