SNICKERS creamy peanut butter.

SNICKERS is one of my favorite chocolate bars. I love having a SNICKER while watching a movie or when I’m a little hungry at work.

When I saw the Snicker at the store, I had to get it! Reese’s and any type of Peanut Butter candy with chocolate are some of my favorite ones. When you put the two together, what can go wrong?

After taking my first bite and getting a taste of this wonderful concoction, I wasn’t an instant fan. It was missing something! Then it hit me, “Where are the peanuts?” The Peanuts is what makes a SNICKER! The satisfying taste of the peanuts and it’s fullness is what completes the chocolate bar. It had everything else but the peanuts!!!

Disappointed at the first bar, I gave it another try. As I took a bite their was still no peanuts, then as I’m taking another bite, there it was…”Peanuts!” It was tiny crushed up pieces of peanuts. I said, “Yes, they do have some peanuts in it!” That was what I thought but I was wrong. There is no peanuts, it must of just been my mind playing tricks on me. Still I am enjoying this new SNICKER. It’s like eating a SNICKER and Reese’s as 1 candy bar. It’s like two of my favorite chocolate candy bars made a baby and came out beautiful, LOL!! I recommend this candy bar if your also a peanut butter/chocolate lover like me!

“Love it!”

  • New creamy peanut butter filling.
  • SNEAKERS and Reese’s combination.
  • My favorite taste in candy bars put into one.

“Hate it!”

  • Not enough peanuts!!
  • No rice crispy either.


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