JIU JITSU- Father and Son

EXPERIENCE… First steps on the mat.

This is the first of a series of episodes of a father and a sons BJJ experience. Come and join my son and I as we go through our BJJ experience together! Now let’s begin…

My first day

Back in August 2018, I decided to tryout for BJJ to loose weight. I mean I was at the tipping point of hitting 200 lbs. Here I am nervous and full of anxiety not knowing if I still can keep up at the age of thirty eight knowing that it’ll take a lot of effort just to be able to move quick enough, and get up off my back, or just even get up.

So there I am taking my first step onto the mat walking to the end of the line along with the other white belts and I stood there quietly waiting for the instructor to begin the class.

Instructor walks on the mat, class begins, we start the warm ups, and after the first lap I was dying; It wasn’t even a big place it’s actually pretty small. I then realized how out of shape I was from not doing nothing, but eating everything and playing video games all day and night.

We do a couple of drills for about half an hour. I was so out of shape, I was dripping sweat everywhere. Then off to the warrior wall where we wait to be picked for rolling. At first I decided not to roll on my first day then after being asked by the instructor I changed my mind and went for it! What a big mistake that was? I get on the mat, shook hands, and began rolling.

Rookie mistake

Not being prepared for what was going to happen, I try to use my strength to over power my partner using as much energy and force as possible (rookie mistake) then I got swept and put in a position where I’m laying on my back. Then as I try to push off to get up exposing my arms, I get arm barred. It was embarrassing!!! We roll the 2nd time and the same thing happened in seconds. I was tapped 3 times in a row.

What am I doing wrong? I WAS doing everything wrong! First, trying to overpower my opponent. Second, being unaware of my posture. Third, exposing my arms. All rookie mistakes.

That’s 3 arm bars in less than a minute. If it wasn’t that I knew losing is part of being a beginner in Jiu Jitsu, I think I would have never came back. I mean I don’t like to lose and surely didn’t want to lose that quick, but I put my pride aside and took my losses with dignity, if their was even any left.

After class I get home thinking of how horrible I was, I told myself I need to improve and it needs to be done quickly. I practiced moves I’ve learned from a previous class I attended eight years ago. I studied what I was taught then used that motivation getting ready for my next class.

That was my journey back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The experience wasn’t pleasant, but it drove me to be better and brought back my love for BJJ. Stay tuned for the next experience.


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