Civilization 6 Switch – Taking over the world one turn at a time.

Ok I know this game has been out for several months now but still I’m taking over the world one turn at a time. This is so far the one game I spend countless hours on since I got it on the switch. I’ve played all the Civilization series on the pc. Civ 3 & 4 are my favorites and played the xbox 360 Civilization Revolution version. I did not like Civilization Revolution at all.

This game is the same version on the switch as on the pc which amazes me. On the little hand held system (Switch) that can be taken anywhere you go and play a full pc version of a game that more powerful systems did not even try to do is amazing.

A game that lets you conquer one turn at a time by domanination, science, culture, space race and even by just overall score keeps my fingers on the buttons getting ready for an attack or an alliance to destroy another civilization and wanting more.

I can’t say enough about it. It just fullfills my gaming needs in every way. From being a big fps gamer to mmo gaming this single player campaign got me addicted. There is a multiplayer option on the game but I have not tried to play that option yet. I don’t think I ever will. I’m to busy building my Civilization to withstand and help defend other civilizations in my game.

I like extending the amount of turns per game to a long epic game with atleast 2,000 turns before the game ends. The satisfaction of a game that can possible never end amazes me.

I choose the American civilization always for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because i’m from America. I love Theodore Roosevelt but I wish they had George Washington as Civ leader.

This game kills time when I have many and always wanting more after each turn finished. From what new land, resource, technology , government and soldier unit I will discover are just a turn away.

“Love it”

  • Endless game play
  • Portable
  • Not a dumb down version.
  • 10 out of 10

“Hate it”

  • Not a single thing.

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